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In memory of Boyan Petrov

Boyan Petrov disappeared while climbing Shisha Pangma in 2018. In addition to being a famous climber, Boyan is а well-known zoologist and ecologist in the scientific community, and for us – a colleague and a close friend. With his expeditions, research and numerous scientific works he contributed not only to Bulgarian science but also to world science, discovering many new species, registering new habitats of already known ones, describing their biology and ecology and helping preserve them.

Bats are among the species, which Boyan made a lot of effort to study. Attracted by speleology, he discovered many cave species, which he carefully studied and described. Boyan created many valuable descriptions of the species in the country, including their number, mapped their populations and their specific refuges, all based on his research and scientific work. The information gathered by him and also his experience and knowledge made possible the implementation of our bat conservation projects. He proposed a book about bats in Bulgaria and many of our activities were based on his direct recommendations. Recognized by all as one of the leading bat experts in the country, he was supposed to lead our project research activities. Unfortunately, we continue without him, but his example always guides us. Everything we do to protect bats would not be possible without his help and we do it in his memory!

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