Become a protector of a bat colony

Protect the species habitats and provide information to locals and tourists

Bats in caves are extremely vulnerable during two main periods:

The periods of giving birth and breeding and the during hibernation.

The first period is between 15 May until the end of July. In this period, the pups are clustered in large groups in each cave and any kind of human activities will be disturbing for them. The disturbance may force the parents to leave the cave and leave alone the young bats, which will lead to their starvation and death.

There is also a chance for the babies to fall on the ground when the mother flies away when frightened.

The other important period is when bats hibernate. This period is 4 months long – from December until the end of March. The bats are helpless during this period, so any kind of activities in the caves may lead to bad consequences. Waking the up means losing energy and resources used to survive the cold winter.

In these two main periods we really need volunteers, which have to regularly look out for hostile actions near the caves. The locals and the tourists have to be informed about the importance of bats to prevent further disturbance.

Science for Nature Foundation starts a campaign with the main purpose – cleaning and guarding important caves for bats.

The guarding will be performed every weekend. The first objective is preventing disturbance and any activities in or near the caves. The second objective is to provide information to locals and tourists about the importance of bats in the global ecosystem. This will help us to achieve our project’s main purpose.

Cave entrances will also be cleaned.

If you want to become a real-life Batman :), please, fill in the following form:

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