Become a volunteer

Become a part of real bat conservation activities

One of our main objectives in the project LIFE UNDER ONE ROOF is creating and motivating new specialists in the field of environmental conservation.

Due to this, we have created a volunteers campaign, where you can join in all our field work.

Often you will be the 5-th person in the car, it will be tight, in the caves you will be covered with mud, you won’t be able to take a shower every night because you will be sleeping in a tent…We didn’t mean actually sleeping, since you will be checking for bats in the nets.

The field work consists of:

Bats monitoring;

Installing artificial roosts;

Installing information plates;

Restoring watering places;

Guarding important bats colonies;

Cleaning caves from trash;

Planting fruit trees;

If you are interested in participating in bat conservation activities, please, fill in the following form:

Application form

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