Drujba cave

Further information

The cave has a round entrance with a diameter of 3 m. This shape is preserved up to the 25th meter, where a platform is reached. From the platform, a vertical of 95 m starts. The dimensions of the bottom are 10×26 m, and there are many fallen rocks. Its north-west side could be eventually penetrated, and a new part is to be expected moreover that the local base for erosion is at least 200-300 m lower. There are very few cave formations.

The pothole had been known to local people for a long time. In 1962, at the end of the II International Expedition, the first attempt to descend it took place (P. Beron and K. Kowalski got up to 25 m, because of the lack of time and climbing gear). Named Druzhba (Friendship), in honor of the international expedition. In the same year, the caver from Plovdiv A. Siderov descended to the bottom and declared the pothole depth at 211 m. On November 10, 1968, N. Genov and I. Rashkov surveyed the pothole, recording a depth of 130 m.

In the cave, among the few cave animals, there are many large Diplopod troglophiles Balkanpetalum beskovi.

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