Eminova Dupka cave

Further information

The cave begins with a vertical, for which a 20-meter rope is needed. After a 2 m obstacle, a wide and lit gallery is reached. About 10 m on the left is the main entrance. About 10 m on the right, the gallery ends with interesting rock formations. After 12 m on the left a small waterfall is reached. A strong draft is an indication for the existence of a third entrance.

The gallery then widens and after 20 m we read a wide gallery, high up to 10-12 m and with many rock formations. On the right, climbing, we can enter a gallery with a level floor with dendrites. After 150 m, there is a big boulder mas and the gallery leads to the felt.

After climbing to the upper level and then descending, the right branch leads us to the most beautiful part of the cave. The ceiling lowers and, after a lake, the way further is blocked.

Another big gallery goes north-east. 70 m after the chamber, on the left there is a low and narrow branch, 55 m long, ending in beautiful rock formations. After another 40 m along the main gallery, a branch on the left follows, with a 15 m vertical and horizontal gallery in the middle of the vertical.

The cave was discovered by St. Petkov and Ts. Ostromski through digging in 1992. The cave was explored and surveyed in the same year by Ts. Ostromski, S. Petkov, M. Zlatkova, Zdr. Iliev, G. Raychev, N. Milev and other cavers from an expedition from Sofia.

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