Ivanova voda cave

Further information

The cave starts with a descending gallery up to 40 m long, ending at the edge of a 45 m shaft. From the bottom of the shaft a winding horizontal gallery starts, reaching a 5-6 m vertical, leading to an underground lake. In rare cases there is no water in it. The cave is rich in rock formations.

The cave was surveyed in 1962, during the Second International Expedition by Hr. Deltchev, St. Andreev and P. Beron, and they also collected cave animals. Animals were collected also by British cavers in 1967 (published by M. Hazelton in 1970).

In the cave large wintering roost of Myotis blythii, Myotis myotis and Myotis capaccinii can be found, with the number of individuals reaching more than 15 000.

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