Lednitsata cave

Further information

From the entrance, a large descending gallery leads into a spacious chamber, 65 m long and 25 m wide, high up to 8 m. In the chamber, almost throughout the year ice formations can be found. Then, the gallery follows the underground stream in northeast direction. All galleries have rich decoration of aragonite and other cave formations.

After more than one kilometer, the stream joins another stream with a much bigger outflow, coming from a siphon (360 l/s).

The first known description of the cave was due to an anonymous author in 1902. The first map of the entrance part was published by the zoologist P. Drensky. In 1954 geologists led by Prof. D. Jaranov penetrated deeper into the cave, climbing a length of 860 m. The bottom of the cave was reached in 1964, by D. Sabev, D. Raychev, M. Raycheva, Hr. Delchev, T. Saramov and others.

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