Shepran hole cave

Further information

A spacious, almost horizontal gallery leads to a “stone forest” of stalactites, stalagmites and other flowstone formations. A 100 m from the cave entrance, 15 m of the east wall of the gallery are overgrown with snow-white dendrite and helictites. A bit further, the gallery bifurcate and reaches the 18-meter shaft Imanyarska Propast, situated almost at the end of the cave. After the pothole, a stalactite chamber is reached at the accessible end of the cave.

The cave was explored and surveyed by Dimitar Sabev and the map was made by Nikolay Gladnishki and T. Daaliev in 1975.

From this cave the troglobite Isopods Cordiniscus schmalfussi and Trichoniscus petrovi have been described, as well as a third troglobitic Isopod, Rhodopioniscus beroni and many white Amphipods.

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