International Bat Night at Devil’s Throat Cave

International Bat Night at Devil’s Throat Cave

The moment has come when our long-awaited meeting with you will happen again!

And this time we will celebrate the Night of the Bats in front of the entrance to one of the most important bat sanctuaries – Devil’s Throat cave. The “Rumbling Hall” is located in the cave, which is the second largest cave hall in Bulgaria. Also, there is the largest underground waterfall on the Balkan Peninsula. Devil’s Throat cave is the winter shelter of the largest bat colony in the Balkans. From November to March, over 40,000 bats inhabit the cave, and in the summer, some of the them stay there to raise their young.

The cave is key for conservation of a number of bat species, so our team has chosen to celebrate this significant day for flying mammals there for the third time. On August 20 and 21, we will visit this magical place to share with you many smiles and interesting information about the lives of our little friends!

We are expecting you!

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