Bats as a natural regulator of pests on vineyards

Globally, bats provide different ecosystem services to agriculture and vineyards. In Bulgaria all of the bat species are insectivorous. Many of the preferred insects are pests, which make bats a natural regulator of their numbers.

During this season we started a research on the territory of Tipchenitsa winery. Our goal is to make а detailed research on vineyards in this area, and assessment of the bats activity and species composition. After we collect the necessary data, we will make an assessment of ecosystem services provided by bats on the territory of the vineyards in Tipchenitsa.

We would like to express our gratitude to Nadya Mineva (director of Tipchenitsa winery) and her family for the responsive attitude, help and knowledge. Thanks also for the opportunity to conduct this research!

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