The municipality of Kardzhali is located in the Eastern Rhodopes, on the two banks of Arda river. The climate there is strongly influenced by the Mediterranean Sea. The average temperature in the winter is  0°С and in summer is +24°С. There are many stories about Kardzha Ali – ordinary man, chieftain and holy person, of whom the town after. According to the legend, when the Ottomans attack the Rhodopes, one of the warlords – Kardzha Ali, falls dead exactly there and after that the town is built on this place. At the territory of the municipality is also located a beautiful dam named after the town. The dam is one of the biggest in Bulgaria and its wall is 109 meters high. There are many attractions there – sealing restaurants, boats and many other.

At 15 km from Kardzhali is located the ancient stone town Perperikon – one of the oldest ancient monuments carved in the rocks. The town is unique in archаeological, biological and multireligious aspects, being one of the wonders of Bulgaria and one of the most visited places in Bulgaria.

Close to Kardzhali is located The Womb Cave, that looks like a woman’s womb. It’s walls are always wet. The thracians had been using the cave as a spiritual place, associating it with fertility. Around the cave are engraved “sharpanes” – special places for wine ceremonies.

Another interesting place located in the town is the Arts Gallery, that has been built in the middle of XIX century for a turkish government building. There is a unique collection of icons made from masters around the whole region.

In this amazing part of the country are preserved important natural deposits of the evergreen Thracian oak, white pine, blue juniper and other rare trees. Some of the most valuable tree and plant species listed in the Red Data Book of Bulgaria can be found in this region.

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