Krumovgrad municipality is located in Southern Bulgaria and is a part of Kardzhali Province. The relief is hilly and mountainous. The whole municipality is located in the Eastern Rhodopes. Its central parts are in the big valley of Krumovitsa river, where is located the main town – Krumovgrad.  In the southern part of the municipality there is the mount Maglenik, that is used as a border with Greece, with its highest peak Vetren – 1267m. The two main rivers are Krumovica and Byala reka.

The old name of Krumovgrad is Koshu Kavak, which means “Horse racing under the aspens” in turkish, because horse races were organized in the past there. The town is placed on an ancient prehistoric village. The history of the town is very interesting, combining christian and islamic cultures.

Interesting cultural monuments are the Thracian rocks along Arda river. In the region there are several Thracian spiritual places. The sanctuary of Sabaziy – The God of the Sun is located in “Carkvishteto” close to the village of Limets. There is a large stone circle in the middle of the sanctuary 18 meters in diameter and 1.8 meters high.

In the region there are evidences of medieval fortresses from the period of the First Bulgarian Kingdom.  There are many interesting ceramics and various coins, mostly made of copper. There, 40 silver coins were found from the period of the Ivan Alexander and his son Michael near the village of Chernichevo. Ruins of medieval fortresses are found near Sarnak, Zlatolist and Kran.

Near the village of Studen Kladenets (Cold Well) is located a natural reserve with the objective to protect the griffon vulture.

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