Mineralni Bani

The national resort Mineralni Bani is located in the northern part of the Eastern Rhodopes, 18 km from Haskovo, at the foot of Mount Ayda (Mechkovec), 859 m. The area, where the village is located, is surrounded by coniferous and deciduous forests.

The area has been known as a spa center since the time of the Romans, who have appreciated the influence of the warm springs in the treatment of various rheumatic, gynecological, locomotor diseases, as well as in peripheral vascular conditions and the diseases of Rayno and Buerger. In the resort village there are more than 60 dams, which are used for irrigation, and the river Banska passes through the center of the municipality.

Because of the mild climate, the mineral springs, high-water rivers and excellent conditions for practicing agriculture, the area has been inhabited since ancient times. Today, there are 52 significant cultural and historical monuments from different ages, some of which are located in forest areas, which are reached by mysterious forest paths.

Not far from the village, are the rock depressions Sharapanite, dating from 2600-2800 years ago, wine stones for processing grapes for wine. It is believed that they are part of the cult of Dionysus. In the area can be seen the rock complex “Eagles Rocks” as well as many dolmens – tombs of noble Thracian aristocrats.

In the 1950s and 1970s, massive afforestation with black and white pine trees was done. The area is covered with forests.

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