International Bat Night at the town of Madzharovo

This year, too, the Science for Nature Foundation celebrated the International Bat Night with the aim to protect bats and spread knowledge on their important role. The event took place on 6th September at the Eastern Rhodopes Nature Conservation Center in the town of Madzharovo. At the event we put an information stand, where everybody had the opportunity to ask their questions and to take pictures with thematic models, which help spread a good cause. The visitors were informed about the alternative shelters for bats – bat houses, and the chance to take part in placing them on the trees.

The youngest participants took part in our workshop and created bats from materials at hand.

An interesting and fun part of the event was the question game, answering which children learned interesting facts for bats and their life. A demonstration of the tree health examination was held. Part of the presentation was aimed to examining the interior of the trees with specialized high-tech equipment, which measures the resistance of wood. Through this equipment we chose the strongest trees to put the houses on them.

At sunset we took a walk with a bat detector, which enabled us to find out what bat species are in the area.

We would like to express our gratitude to Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds for the opportunity to conduct the event on the territory of the Eastern Rhodopes Conservation Center.

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