Bat Night at Sofia Zoo

Bat Night at Sofia Zoo

And this autumn in the Sofia Zoo we will celebrate the Bat Night!

A number of interesting features are associated with the life of bats, which are little known to people. They have an extremely important role in our lives. For example, all bats in Europe are insectivorous, and a large proportion of the insects they feed on are plant pests. Thus, bats help farmers and reduce the need to use insecticides. Did you know that your favorite cocoa is actually pollinated by bats? Their world is full of so many adventures, and to learn more about them, you will have the opportunity to participate in our favorite game Mysteries of the Browny bat

The Life under one roof project is specifically committed to the protection of bats in Bulgaria. Our team actively carries out activities aimed at improving the conditions for bat populations and habitats in our country – placing bat houses, restoring artificial habitats for them, creating more hunting grounds, etc. In addition to telling you many interesting facts, at the event you will learn about our activities, as well as how you yourself can help bats. And if you wish, you can support our activities at the donation stand.

We are waiting for you among the autumn leaves and the interesting animals in the Sofia Zoo on 22.10.2022 from 10:00 a.m. See you soon!

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