Dospat Municipality is located in Southern Bulgaria and is one of the municipalities of Smolyan Province. The relief of the municipality is mountainous. The municipality extends to the southwestern part of the Western Rhodopes. In the northern part of the municipality is the highest western part of Devin Mountain. 2 km south from the Shiroka Polyana dam, on the border with the municipality of Batak, stands the peak Pchelarnica 1688.5 m, the highest point of the mountain and the municipality.

The town of Dospat is located in a mountainous area at 1358 m above sea level and it makes the town the highest in Bulgaria. Very close to the town is Dospat Dam. The relief is mountainous, rugged, the spring comes late, the summer is cool and the autumn is warm. As a result of the Aegean influence to the climate along the Dospat River, the winter is soft, but often there is snow.

Dospat Dam is situated on the Dospat River in the Western Rhodopes. It is the second largest dam in Bulgaria. There, many fish species like carp, chub, trout, caracuda can be found. It was put into action in 1967. There are many flooded areas, which were a valley, used for agriculture. Today the dam is a favorite camping site for many people.

A trademark of the municipality of Dospat is the regular festival “Traditional Culture Celebrations” at the end of August in Sabora. The festival is organized by the mayor of Dospat municipality. Over 180 roadside fountains were built around the town as a donation by locals.

The protected area “Karadzha dere” is located near the town of Dospat. The area is about 1000 hectares. It was declared as a protected area in 2008 in order to protect the habitats of rare plant and animal species along the Sarnena River and other territories.

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