The municipality of Elhovo is situated along the lower part of Tundzha river and is located in the southeastern part of Bulgaria – Yambol Province.

Because of the favorable natural conditions, the first evidences of culture are dated as early as the Neolithic (6000-4000 BC). This is evidenced by the variety of stone and copper tools and hand-made ceramics decorated with various ornaments. The Bronze Age is represented by the Thracian culture.

Remains of Thracian fortresses, settlements and tombs have been preserved. Among the objects found, there are the fragments of household ceramics, weapons and tools, tablets with images of the Thracian Rider. The thracians have also left interesting megalithic tombs called dolmens.

The town of Elhovo is situated in the southeastern part of the Thracian Valley in a field between the Strandja and Sakar Mountains, on the left bank of the Tundzha River. The local climate, with the characteristic mild winters and hot summers, as well as the unique local soils, have helped to determine the typical agricultural profile of the region, both in the past and now. The town is situated on Elhovo’s lignite coal basin. The reserves are about 600 million tons, making Elhovo the second largest coal basin in Bulgaria after Maritsa. It is not exploited because this would mean relocation of the whole settlement.

Arriving in this part of Bulgaria, each visitor returns back in time and has the opportunity to see the forgotten traditions of our ancestors. In this territory, the main features of the modern way of life are not presented. The traditions are still passed from generation to generation, and their loss is not allowed. The town of Elhovo has been a center of civilizations since ancient times in the lands along the lower reaches of the Tundzha River. Staying there, you have the opportunity to explore the entire area and feel the spirit of the locals. Do not miss the three reserves on the river Tundja, the Thracian heritage of the region, the unique ethnography, the cultural and historical heritage and the natural landscapes.

Very close to Elhovo there are the Dolna Topchiya ┬ánatural reserve and the protected area – Balabana, which are characterized by an impressive diversity of plant species and a wide variety of animal species – pheasants, foxes, jackals, rabbits, wild boars, deers and many others. Dranchi Dupka cave was declared a natural landmark in the 1960s.

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