The municipality is located at the southeastern part of Blagoevgrad Province. It covers mainly mountain territories. Almost 90% of the territory are presented by Dabrash (a part of the Western Rhodopes) with its highest peak Beslet – 1937 meters. The southern part of the municipality is located at the eastern part of Gotse Delchev Valley and right there, in the valley of Mesta river, is its lowest point – 474 m above sea level.

15 km north from the municipal center is located the village of Kovachevitsa, which is an ethnographic site. Before Kovachevitsa, 7 km from Garmen is located the village of Leshten, which is also remarkable with its unique architecture. Southwest from Garmen are found the remains of the ancient Roman city of Nicopolis ad Nestum. North from the village of Ognyanovo there are hot mineral springs and a modern balneological center. An interesting tourist destination is the canyon like gorge of Kanina river.

In the northeastern part of the municipality, in the Dabrash ridge, are located the reserves The Dark Forest and Konski Dol (partly in the municipality). Within the village of Garmen there are two centuries-old trees. Their age is over 600 years. The larger one has a trunk of 10.50 m wide and a height of 24 m!

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