The municipality is located in the eastern part of the Pazardzhik Province. The relief of the municipality is mountainous, hilly and flat, and its territory falls entirely within the Western Rhodopes. From the southwest to the northeast through the municipality flows the Stara Reka River (the right inflow of Maritsa) with a part of its middle stream. In the areas northwest of its valley, are the southeastern parts of the Karkariya ridge. Its maximum height within the municipality of Kostina mogila (1440 m) is located northwest of the resort “St. Konstantin”.

The town of Peshtera is situated in the hills (461 m above sea level), on the border with thе Thracian Plain, near the towns of Batak and Bratsigovo. This is a town with old and interesting history. The oldest evidence of human culture date back to the Neolithic Age. The findings give the researchers the reason to conclude that during the Bronze Age, Snezhanka and Yubileina caves were inhabited. For thousands of years this region was inhabited by the Thracian tribe Bessi.

The Antique and Medieval Fortress Peristera (“Galabova Fortress”) is located very close to the town of Peshtera. In the center of the place, there is an older complex of stones of a probably Thracian sanctuary with carved stone steps. At the end of the hill, archaeologists find sarcophagus-shaped burial urns, which are hard to find at most Thracian funerals. The citadel of the fortress extends over 3 decars and the second belt of fortress walls covers 12 decars. In 2012. a partial restoration of the fortress walls was carried out, a complete reconstruction of the southern tower, which is a museum now.

The museum in the village of Radilovo offers its visitors a very interesting collection, which preserves the whole history of the village and is divided into three expositions – a common history (including photo materials and archaeological exhibits that show the history of the village), ethnographic (including costumes and objects that reveal the culture from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries) and the work of Lady Strangford (including objects and photo materials from the hospital in the village of Radilovo, whose building serves the museum collection).


Kupena Reserve is located 3 km south of Peshtera. It is rich in endangered plant and animal species. On the territory of the municipality are the caves Snezhanka (part of the “100 national tourist sites”) and Yubileina, an important roosting site for a large number of bat species.

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