The territory of the municipality of Sandanski is an extremely interesting mosaic of different types of relief – valleys and mountains. About 80% of the territory, mainly the eastern and northeastern parts, is covered by the western and south-western slopes of Pirin with its three parts: Northern Pirin, with the highest point of the municipality – Kamenitsa peak (2822 m); Middle Pirin, with Orelek peak (2099 m) and Southern Pirin, with Mount Sveshtnik (1976 m). All three of these are situated along the border of the municipality with its neighboring municipalities Bansko and Gotse Delchev. In the southern part of the municipality, up to the border with Greece, stands Slavyanka mountain (Alibotush), with Gotsev peak 2212 m.

The southern, southwestern and western parts of the municipality cover the Sandanski-Petrich valley, where the Struma River is located. In the Northern part of ┬áPirin there are several high-mountain lakes and lake groups like Mitrovoto and Argirovoto Lakes, the Bashliiski, Prevalski, Tipitski, Chairski Lakes and others. Sandanski, Levunovski, Hotovski and Katunski mineral springs are of great importance for the municipality, because they have healing properties for a very wide range of diseases. The mineral waters in Sandanski are considered to be the best for balneology. In Katuntsi the brand “Prepodobna Stoyna” is bottled.

Sandanski is amphitheatrically situated on the extreme south-western slopes of the Pirin Mountain, along the lower stream of the Sandanska Bistritsa river. Its location between the Kresna and Rupel gorges is a prerequisite for its favorable climatic features, with its 2450 hours of sunshine per year, Sandanski is the sunniest town in Bulgaria. The air in Sandanski has the lowest allergen content in Bulgaria and is suitable for the treatment of asthmatic, allergic and other diseases. The town is famous for its natural health resort and spa resort.

It is believed that Spartacus from the Thracian tribe Medi was born and lived there, and his monument is one of the symbols of the town. 12 km away from the town of Sandanski, is located the Rupite area with the temple “St. Petka”, built by the well-known Baba Vanga. Close to Sandanski is Melnik, the smallest town in Bulgaria, and the Rozhen Monastery, and also the beautiful village of Leshnitsa, where you can find some beauty and peace outside the big city.

The territory of the municipality includes parts of two very important for Bulgaria protected areas:

  1. Pirin National Park – (Bansko, Kresna, Gotse Delchev, Razlog, Sandanski, Simitli, Strumyani) – Made to preserve the natural character of natural ecosystems and landscapes together with their plant and animal populations and habitats. The park is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  2. “Ali Botush” Reserve (village of Katuntsi, Sandanski Municipality, Slavyanka Mountain) – Important for preservation of the largest field of black fir and rare rock mountain plants. The reserve is a biosphere reserve and is protected under the international law.
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