The municipality is located in the western part of Blagoevgrad Province. The territory of the Municipality of Strumyani represents an extremely interesting variety of different types of relief – valleys and mountains. About 3/4 of its territories to the west are covered by the ridges of Maleshevska Mountain with the highest point being Golak peak 1453 m. About 15% of its territory to the east falls on the western slopes of the North Pirin and here is the highest point of the municipality – Mount Sinanitsa 2516 m.

The first settlers on these lands are the Thracians. The Slavs settled here in the period between the 7th and 8th centuries and started the development of the crafts. During the First and Second Bulgarian Empire, the region was one of the main trading centers in Southwestern Bulgaria, and the Struma valley has been an important trading way in ancient times. In the village, a Historical Museum of the whole Strumyani municipality was built, where you can learn interesting facts about the history of the area – old ruins, churches, ethnographic houses.

Among the interesting tourist attractions in the region of Strumyani are an antique and medieval settlement near the village of Ilindentsi, the so-called “Vanga healing springs”, the late antique church in Gradishteto village, Mikrevo village where you can see ruins from an old Christian basilica dating from 5-6 century. Here, extremely valuable mosaics around the altar can be found. Today they are kept in the Historical Museum in the town of Sandanski.

The fauna is characterized by a relatively large variety of species. Commonly found there are hares, squirrels, wolves, wild boars, foxes and roes. In Maleshevska mountain, rarely the wild cat can be seen, and in Pirin, within the borders of the National Park, the chamois can be found. The bird fauna is presented by sparrows, turmerics, pigeons, falcons, swallows, nightingales, eagles, falcons, thrushes, partridges and pheasants. Seasonally, during the migration from the Aegean Sea to the Struma Valley, you can see pelicans, herons, storks, swans, mallow ducks and others.

The municipality of Strumyani includes a small part of the Pirin National Park, the Sokolata Reserve and extremely old trees. Pirin National Park is located in the northeastern part of the municipality of Strumyani. The park is of national and international importance. It is included in the UN list of National Parks and in the UNESCO List of the Convention for the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Resources. The Sokolata Nature Reserve is 6 km southwest from Igralishte and covers an area of 211 hectars. The reserve is a natural deposit of the Italian Oak.

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