Totally we got 401 drawings and 146 stories!

That is what students from all parts of Bulgaria and Bulgarian schools abroad sent to us for the first edition of the Watering place with history competition. We want to sincerely thank all the participants and their teachers for the great interest, the efforts and mostly – for the wonderful works all of you shared with us! When we started the competition, we did not expect that we would get so many quality creations. In recent weeks in the Science for Nature Foundation’s office that was the main topic of conversation. We all read, looked at the sent paintings and discussed the watering places, their stories and unadulterated talent of the children and young people. The positive vibe of creativity transferred to us 🙂

As we already knew – there is a story behind every watering place in Bulgaria. Some stories are for happiness and love and everyone with a pure heart who drinks from this watering place, also will find the happiness invested by the builders. Other stories are for disease and healing, for old and deep springs turned into fountains, which heal different diseases and prolong the lives of the people who drink from them every day. However, thirds are for loss and inconsolable grief. Lost spouses, parents and children. Through the process of creating a watering place, the relatives try to remember the man who is no longer with them and to wash away at least a small part of the grief, providing the joy of clean water and a place to relax to known and unknown people. Other watering places are really old and there are so many stories and legends about them that no one knows which one was the first. Such examples are The big fountain (The fountain with the earring) and The Umbrella fountain in Samokov or The love fountain in Tryavna.

And now we have to announce the winners. We say “have to”, because every single one of the received works provoked emotions in us and we hope that the participants had fun as much as us and have learnt something new about their homeland. Despite our great interest and also – sort of confusion and stir, which caused the competition in the team of the Science for Nature Foundation, the winners were chosen by objectively five-member jury composed of: Elena Marinska, Todor Todorov, Preslava Baycheva, Gergana Kostova and Borislava Daneva.

The main criteria used by the jury in selecting the winners were:


  •       Rationalization, argumentation and reliability of the topic;
  •       Composition;
  •       Color matching;
  •       Original creative approach;
  •       Overall message and impact.



  •       Personal creativity – the story implies or recreates real emotions and the author’s attitude to what is written;
  •       Creativity – skillful combination of personal creativity with real facts, historical elements, myths and legends;
  •       Message to the reader – a personal message / lesson, which reflects the reader or arouses desire to visit the place and the watering place, to help with the restoration or cleaning of the area.


And now – the winners:

I-IV grade, drawing:

 1.  Kuzei Shefket, “Vasil Levski” school, town of Glavinitsa

 2. Tatyana Doncheva, “Patriarh Evtimii” school

 3. Arda Tahir, “Vasil Levski” school, town of Glavinitsa

V-VIII grade, drawing:

 1. Vanya Ilieva, “Patriarh Evtimii” school, town of Zlatitsa

 2. Daniela Yordanova “St. st. Kiril and Metodii” school, town of Smyadovo

 3. There are two drawings with equal number of points which both take the third place:

IX-XII grade, drawing:

 1. Daniel Draganov, “Yosif Vondrak” school, town of Ruse

 2. Bozhidar Lyubenov, “St. st. Kiril and Metodii” school, town of  Radomir

 3. Hristo Hristov, “Vasil Levski” school, town of Isperih

I-IV grade, story:

 1. Cveta Simeonova, “Ran Bosilek” school, town of Gabrovo

 2. Kadir Kadir, “St. st. Kiril and Metodii” school, village of Samuil

 3. We have whole 3 stories sharing third place!

V-VIII grade, story:

1. Eliza Angelova, “Dr. Petar Beron” school, town of Kyustendil

2. We have two stories on the second place:

      Kalina Nikolova, “St. Sofronii Vrachanski” school, town of Plovdiv

      Zara Nikolova, “St. st. Kiril and Metodii” school, village of Dupnitsa

3. Darina Dingileva, “Hristo G. Danov” school, village of Stroevo

IX-XII grade, story:

1. Neshe Yusein, “Otets Paisii” school, village of Pepelishte

2. Petya Pahova, “Akad. Lyudmil Stoyanov” school, town of Bansko 

3. Again, we have more than one story for third place 🙂

*The materials have been uploaded without correction by us. As you can see, it was also difficult for the jury to announce the winners.

Next steps:

  •       Until 03.12.2021 we will connect individually with the winners and/or their parents.
  •       The stories and drawings of real watering places will be added in an interactive map of watering places in Bulgaria, which you can see in our application “The watering places” (Android, iOS).
  •       We have to choose real watering places, which will be repaired by the Science for Nature Foundation team.
  •       To all participants – continue to create and delight us with your talent!


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