Watering places as a symbol and salvation

A sip of cold water is a true gift for one person, after hours of walking or running. The watering places are important for the wild animals as much as they are important for the cattle herds.   For insects, birds and small mammals those places are like an oasis in the middle of the desert, full of water troughs and the small swampy areas that form around them, are home for many rare and endangered species. Those watering places aren’t just random facilities, they often are the salvation for the last living people that live in the old hamlets of the rural villages. They are the memory of a life that has been long lost and a hope that a piece of the human soul still lives with us.

We and the watering places

Since 2018, Science for Nature is restoring watering places from all around the country, watering places that lost the water flowing down within them, those that are damaged or clogged, those that no longer bring fresh water to their surroundings. The focus is on the watering places that are found outside of the villages and into the wilderness. Our aim for preserving the water as a natural welth, preserving the watering places, not only for the biodiversity, but also as part of the Bulgarian traditions and culture.

Revive a watering place

Restoring a watering place back to life is often a long and hard task. It starts with the most important part – securing free and natural flow of the water, from the inflow to spillway. Securing an all year long flow of the water (especially during the hot and dry season), is often the hardest thing to accomplish. Cleaning the clogging, the overgrown vegetation, trash and debris from the trough and give a free and undisturbed flow to the water back into the earth, as in the meantime it quenches the thirst of a poor soul in need. We restore collapsed walls, troughs and facades, to preserve its life for future generations and of course to breathe life back into an old watering place – remembering and telling its story.

Because of the fact that we pay a lot of attention to preserve a watering place into its most authentic form. We’re in need of help, to restore 60 more watering places! 

“Alive watering places” is a cause for us, because we believe that water is not only a precious resource, it is a life itself. There is life where the watering places flow freely, that’s why we named our campaign “Revive a watering place”.

Join our campaign “Revive a watering place” in the following ways.

  • Become a volunteer in the campaign
  • Join forces together with your family or friends and clean a watering place that was found by our team.
  • Or clean a watering place that is precious to you.

Whichever option you choose, we will be by your side!

In the upcoming weeks we will be cleaning chosen “watering places in need”. We will share this information on our communications channels and also we’re going to post missions in Time Heroes at least 7 days before every trip. Everyone can join us on the trip or you can come with your own vehicle, or by bus or train (depending on the location). We will provide the needed tools, but feel free to bring a shovel or a rake with you.

If you wish to revive a watering place, without us, check out our map of “watering places in need” (it will be done very soon :)) and what might be needed to be done for the chosen watering place, feel free to contact us and we will give you the needed information. Science for Nature has the responsibility to contact the owner of the waiting place and inform them what we plan to undertake. You will need stuff like shovels, rakes, pickaxes, gloves, boots and garbage bags.

If you decide to clean or restore a watering place chosen by yourself, we will aid you in determining what can be done for the set watering place.

If you have more questions, do not fret and call us on 0895 821 805 or contact us on our email info@sciencefornature.org

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