The second edition of the mini-course “Bats – biology, threats and conservation” begins

For the second time we have the pleasure to invite you to a mini-course with a focus on bats.

5 completely free and open lectures will be held, where various interesting aspects on small mammals will be discussed. If you are curious and want to know more about bats, how you can actually protect them or you are just searching for a new adventure, we invite you on 21 November at 6 PM to meet and introduce you to their secret world. Our lecturers are real professionals in bats and their habitat conservation, and also in the scientific and research methods related to them. They are always ready to answer all your questions. The lectures will be held twice a week (see the program below), and the last fifth lecture will be “handed out” in front of a real bat colony!


Day 1 (21.11.2022; 6 PM)

  • Bats around the world (introductory presentation)
  • Bats in Bulgaria and their identification

Day 2 (23.11.2022; 6 PM)

  • Research methods, basic approach techniques and precautions when working with bats
  • Introduction to national bat monitoring methodology

Day 3 (28.11.2022; 6 PM)

  • Negative factors on cave life and minimizing threats to bats
  • Sustainable cave tourism

Day 4 (30.11.2022; 6 PM)

  • Natura 2000 network. Publicity, communication with local authorities and residents
  • Bats and humans and why science loves bats

Day 5 (03.12.2022; All day)

  • Fieldwork – visiting a cave in the Lakatnik area and identifying the bats that inhabit it.

The course will be held at the office of Science for Nature Foundation: Business Center “Stefan Karadza”, 26 Vasil Kanchev str., entr. D, fl. 2 Sofia, Bulgaria

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